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Teaching Assistant Application Summer 2021


We are delighted that you are interested in joining the Horizons summer staff in 2021 as a Teaching Assistant (TA). This role carries significant responsibility and requires a genuine interest in helping children achieve their fullest potential.  TAs work closely with children, in the classroom and as a part of other enrichment experiences, serving as positive role  models and caring members of our Horizons community. The majority of our staff returns each summer which means  there are limited opportunities to hire new instructors. Once we have confirmed returning staff, we will offer jobs to new hires. 

You’ll need to complete sections 1 through 3 and obtain a recommendation from someone outside of your family  (teacher, former employer, Horizons staff person, etc.). You may use this as a checklist to keep track of the parts of your  file that have been completed.


  3. PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT (If you’re under the age of 18) 
  5. MOST RECENT SCHOOL REPORT CARD (if applicable) 


What is the Horizons Summer Program? 

Horizons Summer Program, based at New Canaan Country School, serves close to 300 children in grades K-9 living  primarily in Stamford and Norwalk. This six-week Summer Program provides academic classes in reading, writing and  math, as well as a wide range of creative and fun enrichment activities like swimming, art, music and field trips. Each  class has twelve students, one Lead Teacher and one Teaching Assistant.  


When will the Horizons Summer Program start and end? 

We are planning to hold an in-person ½-day orientation for new staff on Tuesday, June 22nd, an in-person full day  orientation on Wednesday, June 23rd for all staff, and two in-person professional development days on Thursday, June  24th and Friday, June 25th. The Summer Program will begin on Monday, June 28th and end on Friday, July 30th


Can I still work with Horizons if I can’t work full time or the full six weeks? 

Teaching Assistants must commit to the full six weeks of our program which runs daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Because we only have 27 days with our children, we need the staff to be a consistent presence in the full program. 


What is the role of the Teaching Assistant? 

Teaching Assistants support the Lead Teacher in providing educational enrichment activities to a group of twelve  children. TAs shepherd students to special programs and classes, assist with snack and lunch set up and supervise field  trips, etc. TAs are active participants in the afternoon swim program, helping students, in the pool, with instructional  and recreational activities. 


When will I know if I have been accepted? 

Announcements will be made in March. We have to find out who is returning before we know what positions are  available. 


Do I qualify for the TA position if I am not yet sixteen years old? 

In order to get a full-time, paid position at Horizons, you need to be at least sixteen. 

Please call Nehemie Moise at 203-972-7005 if you have further questions.


TA Application

Please click the above link to download, save and then complete the application. Once completed, click APPLY NOW at the bottom of this page and upload the completed application to the correct attachment field reading "Please Attach Your Application" or return to Horizons via email to Nehemie at or mail to 635 Frogtown Rd. New Canaan, CT 06840, or Fax at 203-972-2732.


Recommendation Form

Please download the Recommendation Form above and have it completed. This form will need to be returned to the Horizons office in a SEALED ENVELOPE ASAP via mail at 635 Frogtown Rd. New Canaan, CT 06840. Please note the application will not be considered complete until this form is received as well as the online application portion detailed above.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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