Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford


At Horizons we have a dedicated staff, Board, and Board of Governors who have been actively involved for many years. Horizons summer Lead Teachers have an average tenure of over 10 years of service, so turnover and the recruitment of Lead Teachers is infrequent. We have a student retention rate of over 90%, so once a part of the program, students and their families make a commitment to us. During our 2017 Summer Program, we had a 94% attendance rate and over 60% of our students did not miss a single day of programming! Almost 50% of our 1st through 8th grade students participate in school year programming, and 100% of our high school students are graduating.  100% of our graduating 2018 class are going on to college.

We have a host school, program staff, summer staff, and board who are all firmly committed to our program. Horizons core values include empowering students, encouraging risk taking, and working collaboratively in a community that nurtures trust and respect. We are an inclusive community, and a place where kids feel they truly belong. We are dedicated to the students who need us the most and are constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of our children. We have excellent teachers who come back year after year to provide continuity and support to children who often have neither. We are teaching life skills and closing the achievement gap.