Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford

High School

The Horizons at NCCS high school program provides our high school students with a range of services and support during the school year through grade-level coaching teams. Each grade of students is supported by a teacher, counselor, and a skill building specialist with expertise in the hard and soft skills students need to master at each grade level to be successful throughout and after high school. Coaching teams meet with students once per week and each coach is assigned a subset of students in the grade that they support individually or in small groups. Students needing even more support are matched with individual or group tutoring and/or a mentor. Our Director of Student and Family Support and Academic Director meet with students at their schools as well to solicit feedback, identify urgent needs and trends and continue to build community. Coaching and tutoring is supplemented by social opportunities, college tours, SAT Prep, college and career readiness workshops for students and caregivers.

Horizons Class of 2022