Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford


Horizons provides more than 400 under-resourced students, primarily from Norwalk and Stamford, with a full year of academic and enrichment programming aimed at closing the achievement and opportunity gaps experienced by Fairfield County’s under-resourced students. Once enrolled in the program, the majority of students continue to participate through high school graduation. The program is anchored by a six-week intensive summer program serving kindergarten through 9th grade, and is supplemented by school year programming, including tutoring, academic coaching, college advising, caregiver and family programming, and a Super Saturday program. All of our programs are tuition-free. In addition, Horizons at NCCS has a newly established Alumni Association with over 300 members.

If a Horizons family has a concern about student performance at school, they can turn to our Family and Program Director, Nehemie Young, for help. She can help parents navigate the complicated process of securing appropriate testing and support for children, attend school meetings, and track students’ progress. 

Horizons at a Glance

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400 Children
We serve over 400 children every year in our summer, school year and high school programming.
100% Qualify
100% of the students we serve come from households experiencing financial need with incomes that are at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.
100% Of our high school students graduate
Of our high school students graduate and 94% attend college and post-secondary programs.
200 Hours
Our summer program has been proven to eliminate the summer slide. Each summer our students experience 200 hours of educational enrichment.
100% Swim
All students in our summer program swim every single day. Swim instruction is part of our curriculum and we are determined to teach every student to swim.
4 Years
Our teachers have an average tenure of approximately 4 years, ensuring important continuity within our community.
$2.0 Million
The annual budget for Horizons at NCCS raised annually from private sources to ensure that each child receives a full scholarship for our year-round programming.
100% Donor Dollars
The administrative and development costs of our program is covered by the Horizons Board and Board of Governors, so 100% of donor dollars goes directly to programming.