Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford


Your Gift Makes a Huge Impact:

$100 donation helps us to:

  • Provide 1 child with a Broadway experience
  • Provide a student with two meaningful field trips during the summer

$500 donation helps us to:

  • Provide transportation for 2 students to the 6-week summer program
  • Provide a local college tour for 48 middle school students
  • Provide one night of enrichment programming during the school year

$1,000 donation helps us to:

  • Purchase art supplies for the K-9 summer program
  • Provide a year of Academic Coaching for 1 high school student
  • Provide a multi-day regional college tour for 3 students

$3,800 donation helps us to:

  • Provide the Horizons summer program for 1 student
  • Provide recreational and instructional swimming for 18 students during the summer
  • Maintain the instructional pool for 1 summer


Does your employer match charitable gifts?  Contact us for assistance in increasing the impact of your gift.