Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford

Horizons students have the opportunity to explore new things and connect with each other during the school year during Winter Program!

Super Saturdays & Winter Program

Horizons provides a an eight-week Saturday program that includes a five-week winter program, as well as three additional Super Saturdays, that include a half day of programming that incorporates both academic and enrichment activities for students in first through eighth grade. The eight Super Saturdays will be spread throughout the school year to provide connection and engagement at regular intervals with a concentration of five weekly Saturdays during January and February (winter program). The fall Super Saturdays are organized around a theme, such as health or the arts, and programming and activities will reflect this. While the consecutive Saturdays in the winter program allow students in grades first through ten to complete a more involved project or master a new skill. Horizons high School students have an opportunity to volunteer during both programs. The last day of the our Super Saturday and winter program includes a community event to highlight student work.