Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford

Lead Teachers K-2

Horizons at New Canaan Country School is seeking exceptional Lead Teacher candidates for our summer program. The Lead Teacher is responsible for the planning and execution of their summer curriculum for their students and for creating a classroom environment that supports the Horizons mission of empowering students to take risks, learn from failure, and feel affirmed in their leadership. Please read the information below, before you continue with this application:

About Horizons

Started in 1964 as a small summer program, Horizons at New Canaan Country School has grown to be a full year K - post HS academic and enrichment program serving close to 400 students from Stamford and Norwalk. The program aims to help close the opportunity gap experienced by marginalized students by providing opportunities for academic and overall personal development so that they are able to pursue their dreams and fulfill their ultimate potential. 

About the Horizons Summer Program

The 6-week summer program hosted at New Canaan Country School is for our K-9 students. Students have a daily schedule that includes academics, enrichments (including sports, art, and music), and daily afternoon swimming. Class size is 10-12 students and the teacher, aided by a Teaching Assistant, has the opportunity to design a curriculum that fits the needs of the students emphasizing project-based learning and creative ways of teaching content. We have a veteran and diverse faculty who share a commitment to our students and their families. 

When will the Horizons Summer Program start and end?

We are planning to hold an in-person ½-day orientation for new staff on June 20, 2024, an in-person full day orientation on June 21, 2024 for all staff. The Summer Program will begin on June 24, 2024 and end on August 2, 2024.

How much is the compensation for this position?

New teachers earn a starting stipend of $6,000 for the summer. 


  • Creating a curriculum for their students that emphasizes project or play-based learning and is comprehensive of academic and personal growth standards.
  • Execute the curriculum during the 6-week summer program. Students attend the program from 8:15am to 3:00pm
  • Create a classroom environment that supports the Horizons mission of empowering students to take risks, learn from failure, and feel affirmed in their leadership.
  • Develop specialized learning plans for students on an as needed basis.
  • Work in partnership with an assigned Teaching Assistant in their classroom to enhance student learning and support the development of the assigned Teaching Assistant.
  • Partner with colleagues so that the student experience is consistent between classes and connected to the summer theme.
  • Participate in afternoon recreational swimming (or alternate activity) each afternoon with students
  • Commitment to the Horizons mission and deep belief in the potential of each child
  • Ability to build strong relationships with students, families, and colleagues in a short period of time
  • Creativity and experience developing theme or project-based units that expose students to content they may not receive during the regular school year
  • Experience interpreting standardized test data and use it to inform whole group, small group, and individual instruction
  • Strong organizational and systems skills; can manage multiple projects and adapt to challenges and changes
  • Teaching experience of at least 2 years preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree required; education major preferred
  • Can operate virtual classroom technology (e.g., SmartBoard, Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.)


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.