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The Horizons Alumni Association is looking for class reps

Horizons is hoping that you can help us get back in contact with other alumni from your respective Horizons class. We are asking that you try and reconnect fellow classmates with our Horizons Alumni.


As a Horizons Alumni Association class rep you will:

  • Be a key thought partner on the planning and designing of Horizons Homecoming (Tentatively in 2021)
  • Help us gather up to date contact information from former classmates (email, phone, social media, etc.)
  • Add members to the Facebook Group 
  • Share/follow our Instagram Page- @nccs_horizonsalumni
  • Encouraging online/social media engagement
    • Like, share, comment on posts
    • Share stories from your time at Horizons HERE
  • Invite former students from the program to events and activities of the association
  • Join the Alumni Association. Benefits include:
    • Networking with current students and alumni.
    • Supporting current students with academic/social/emotional needs.
    • Participating in various social events.
    • Additional job opportunities.

Read more here.

For those who are interested in taking on this role, we understand that it will be difficult to connect to current students in-person. We recommend that you set up Zoom/Google Meets/etc meetings with current students. As well, please keep in mind that 2 or 3 of you have been asked to fill this position from each of your cohorts so you are not solely responsible.

If you have any further questions, please reach out by emailing Nehemie Moise, at